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Anywhere But Here
a game to pass time where one describes the daydream of being somewhere else

the creepy
Buffy speak "Buffy: How much the creepy is it?" when others might say "How creepy is that?"

five by five
no harm done after a personal bout of friction among friends

Gene & Roger
a form of criticism (think Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert)

It is entirely pointy.
the obvious slayer response to "Giles: It's rather pointless."

Keyser Soze'd
being led to believe that the innocent one is the bad guy by the real bad guy

Morbid much
a depressing dark turn of events or conversation characterized by gloomy or unwholesome feelings

the antithesis of budging - "Buffy: C'mon,Giles. Budge! No one likes a nonbudger."

Salty goodness
a very attractive male specimen, also may manifest itself as hottie, honey, lunchable or a studly

an attempt to explain paranormal events using rational, realistic, scientific, or otherwise unsuspicious justifications

A twosome of cuteness
a well matched couple, cute, compatible and resulting happiness

the wacky
the loss of rational thought and resulting confusion and chaos - "Buffy: Love makes you do the wacky."

What's the up?
a variation on the old and been heard, "what's up?"

kissing cousin of the creepy, it's acknowledging the weirdness or disturbing essence of a situation