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All of my Roswell episode commentary has been moved to my journal.

I always liked Roswell, even when it wasn't good. For me, it was compelling no matter how flawed.

Roswell’s characters began with a potential for depth. 3 of them were aliens from a mysterious planet far away, with no idea who they are, why they’re here, or what to do except survive and hide. 5 of them were humans, discovering aliens in their midst, wondering what that means to them, Liz and Kyle and later Valenti have been brought back to life, and their physiology altered in the process. But through 3 seasons the characters were often inconsistent, behaving in ways that were convenient for the plot line, but generally didn’t make any sense for the character.

The thing Roswell was generally lacking is a foundation. The Roswell writers didn’t know where they were going or where they were coming from, which allowed the Roswell mythology to become exceptionally muddled. There are Skins and Dupes that both threaten the alien conspiracy and then go away and cease to matter. There are 2 shape shifters, except 1 died at the hands of the FBI, except he somehow shows back up in season 3 to help Max out. Vilandra betrays her family and then Vilandra is just betrayed by her love. There’s gandarium and puppet abductees and the FBI and the Air Force and their parents and what in the world is the granolith and why does it matter? And this is just plot points. The flaws in the Roswell mythology run very deep and they stem from the fact that no one knew where they were going until they got there. Which meant they could throw in any adversary they needed, let the aliens’ powers manifest themselves in any way that’s convenient, forget about adversaries and friends alike whenever it suited them. And as I said before, even the main characters lacked consistency in the way they were written, and maybe even acted, I don’t know where to draw the distinction. I think this is the biggest flaw in Roswell, because the potential for a really interesting mythology was there. There was so much they could have done with these characters that they never really did.

In the midst of all this there are good things. First and second season Roswell had the benefits of a great Director of Photography (Rodney Charters) and camera crew. Roswell’s music supervisor exceled at finding good music to fit in just the right moment. Jason Behr was a good Max.