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Welcome to the new death

The demise of the WB into a merger with UPN incited a revolution in me and in this site. I shouldn't have been surprised, that's how it always happens to me. I have sites and I strive for excellance, but nothing ever seems to come together the way I want or expect it to. Eventually, I stop trying; decide that I'm done with it; I guess I let go. Because then suddenly it all begins to make sense. And I end up with what I think are really good websites. Perhaps I'm just better with memorials.

As you can see, this is a site dedicated to various WB shows. You might have noticed that it's not extensive. It is comprised of shows that I had whole sites for in the past. October of 2003 I consolidated all of those sites into this singular site. When the WB announced it's merger with UPN I even created limited content for Supernatural and Dawson's Creek even though I've never had sites for either. But they were somehow iconically 'the WB' and so I thought I wanted a place for them here.
No, I don't have any Gilmore Girl's content. I may someday when I have time to actually put into building this site. Right now it's just an amalgam of content I already had.
This isn't meant to be a comprehensive site. It is what it is. I hope that you enjoy it.

And then it's revived, like so many characters in WB shows.

You can visit the WB online to watch many of your favorite shows from the WB's glory days in addition to other shows that should have been on the WB.