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Opened September 10th, 2002.

A brief history...
I started building websites because I was bored. 1998ish - I worked in a call center and during the summer I didn't have homework to keep me busy at work, so I decided to learn how to build websites. I didn't even know page builders with geocities and whatnot existed so I spent a lot of time on html tutorial sites trying to figure it all out. I ended up being lucky enough that my school had Frontpage on all the computers, so I could use that to create a site. It made it a lot easier in the beginning when I kind of understood html - but really didn't know how to write it myself. Plus, the ability to toggle between the html page and the normal page helped me learn the impact of coding and begin to decipher it.
Now, I learn by doing so every time I want to learn something new I usually start a new site, or create a new layout for this one.

Current Sites

I tried playing around with fanlistings a few years ago and that lasted a few months and I played around with new scripts and then I got bored. Then, at one point, when I was updating my links I realized the fanlisting for Robin McKinley had closed. I know fanlistings aren't as popular anymore but since I am such a fan I just couldn't bear the idea that she didn't have a fanlsting. So, I got back in the fanlisting game to build one.


The name is multi-faceted.

ei·do·lon :: eye - 'dO - lan :: an unsubstantial image or phantom
It's - a) a great word, really just beautiful to say and elegant and unique in it's spelling and  - b) an appropriate reflection of my lack of corporeality (I looked it up and you can conjugate 'corporeal' like that).

but since eidolon.net was taken - I added...

sol·stice :: the two days a year when the equator is furthest from the sun on our elliptical orbit. (I like the word elliptical too.)
I've always loved this word.  I don't know why. It sounds like a day where life shifts ever so slightly into a wildness and freedom; an untamable reality that we don't normally know.  It conjures images of solstice celebrations of fire and dancing in the woods or a really hot wind over the ocean or something.

They're somehow poetic together and have the possibility of creating images and ideas larger than either word individually.

The Current Layout

When I decided to simplify my websites I needed a new simpler layout. I wanted to go back to Viggo's photos that I started with, but I didn't have anymore that I wanted to use. So, as usual I went with my latest fandom fun - Supernatural. There's really nothing much else to say.


Past Layouts

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Any collection of images on this site utilizes Captivate 1.0 with a bit of Coppermine thrown in for flare.

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