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redux (the Pirates layout .again.)

I hadn't meant to do another pirates layout. really. I had a nice brown fall-y 4400 layout all ready to go. But I didn't design it until after the season 3 finale, so it felt less than topical. Of course Pirates is now 2.5 months old so it's less than topical also.
But then I saw this picture and it was so simple, I didn't modify it at all, it was just like this, asking for content to ever so subtely fill all that white space. Suddenly I wasn't as inspired by any of my other ideas as much as I liked the idea of this one.
So here it is, for now at least.

Beyond that, I've got not a lot new going on. Most of my misellaneous web-fun time is spent getting articles and things up at Magnate. And there isn't a lot of that time to begin with.

posted on Thursday Sep 07 2006

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