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ahoy! (the Pirates 2 layout)

Did you know that for the past 3 years I have changed my layout every April and then again every June. I think consistency like that is kind of strange when it's unintentional. But it also makes sense. One for the May movie of the year and one for the summer.

This is pretty much what I wanted for a Pirates 2 layout for the summer. Green (because of the poster color) and a little bit ethereal, but just a little bit. I think if I did more layouts more often or did more wallpapers more often or actually had PhotoShop I'd come up with better layouts. But this isn't bad.
I went over to a friend's house last night and learned that my layout is quite 1024x768 specific. I relented and created a splash page - the first since the very first layout I had - so that everything should display correctly for everyone. I hope. oh, and I took down my 'currently' for this layout - mostly because I couldn't find a nice way to fit it in and didn't want to work that hard at it.

posted on Wednesday Jun 14 2006

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