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In general though, I'm tired of feeling lost in my tv shows. Only one specific example comes to mind - The West Wing. I watch it every week. I don't miss things. Granted I started watching it in the second season so - ok maybe there's one or two things I've missed. But we haven't seen Toby's ex-wife since season before last, we haven't even heard talk of her, or her being in his life, or him even talking to her. And yet they've become close enough for her to be pregnant with twins. What in the world did I miss?

I saw Tuck Everlasting. Really liked that movie. Everything about it was beautiful; the lighting and atmosphere and the emotions within it. I hate the term feel good movie - but I really don't know how else to say that you walk out of this movie feeling really still and wonderful. Which is actually a great reflection of how they portrayed the Tuck's life and this still, never ending world that they live in and how different it is from our reality. It gave me a ton of things to think about. Like people searching for heavenly things like eternity here on earth and when we find replacements they always leave us with more grief than joy. Because they're not the real thing. It made me think about setting your spirit free and what a beautiful thing that can be - in a really innocent way. So, definitely buying that one on dvd.

posted on Friday Oct 25 2002

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