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the entrance of spring (the X-men layout)

Yes, it's a bit early for an X-men layout (it opens May 26th). But this is a busy year for summer movie fun. I'm actually paying attention this year and will hopefully do a Pirates layout in June. Which means if X-men doesn't go up now, it won't have any time hardly before it comes down. This php thing, though, has made changing my layout very easy. Not so much the graphics editing - but everything else...which would be the things I was marginally good at to begin with...
I got these spectacular pictures from Xmenfilms.net. I'm not good with graphics or I could have done something incredible with such cool pictures.

I also implemented Captivate 1.0 for my wallpaper gallery with a bit of Coppermine thrown in for flare.

Still no revolution in the site, in life, in general. But it's somewhere on the horizon.
I wish I had something more interesting to say...

posted on Thursday Apr 13 2006

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