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I saw Elizabethtown on Friday. I know that some critics haven't been impressed. I have a friend who said that even though it has beautiful, brilliant moments it's meandering, has far too many songs and Orlando isn't very good. I don't think he saw the same version of the film I did (and that's actually quite probable). It may have been a bit meandering. I didn't notice though, I was caught up in enjoying it. and I did. a lot. I wasn't annoyed by Kirsten Dunst or her character (very much). I thought it was a great role for Orlando to break into contemporary era films and I think he did a great job. I was rather surprised by how much I liked it. Except the last couple of bits at the end. They were odd and out of place. Even so, I hope Cameron Crowe realizes how much his movie has been enjoyed despite some reviews and a mediocre weekend.

Then I saw Serenity on Saturday. Joss Whedon is a genius. I have been saying this for quite sometime. His writing was masterful; beyond his witty dialogue his ability to move quickly and smoothly through so much history and backstory was brilliant. His direction was engrossing. All the characters and performances were very superb. The story was good and insightful into this universe which was gratifying. And of course it was Joss so it was shocking, and fun.

posted on Thursday Oct 20 2005

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