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- in search of a layout - (the Kingdom of Heaven layout)

Last night I was one of the first people to see the trailer for The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. It was really exciting and beautiful. I came home and was going to do a Narnia layout, but there are surprisingly few good pictures from the movie. Well, maybe not so surprising since the trailer isn't even out yet, but still. I had a great idea for a layout that would work around the problem, I just needed one particular picture of Aslan that I've seen before. I couldn't find it, although I didn't put the requisite four hours into the search last night.
Not that any of that really matters except to say that I would have also been the first person to have a Narnia layout but I couldn't.
When I realized Kingdom of Heaven, which is the beginning of the summer movie fun season, was coming out in like two weeks and I hadn't done anything for that so I decided to switch. It's kind of dark for a summer layout and there are remarkably few good pictures from the movie online. I did, however, really like the windswept quality it had, which you can't exactly see in the smallness of the picture here.

posted on Sunday Apr 24 2005

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