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actual changes (the Dom layout)

New layout featuring Dominic Monaghan; cause I fancy Lost so much. It continues to use Viggo's pictures from the Track 16 show.
Today I realized that I really haven't updated much of anything, even though I watched Farscape and that was new and different. I had never watched it before, even when Scifi reran the entire series. I didn't want to get sucked into it, which I do so easily. Then I accidentally caught a piece of the Peacekeeper Wars and...got sucked in. "Who's that?", "What are the talking about?" "What's going on?", "What was that word - and what does it mean?" So, I taped the whole Peacekeeper miniseries when it re-aired over the weekend, hopped on scifi.com/farscape and brought myself up to date. I now know what a Sebacean is. That and "frell" were really the only good words I thought they came up with. Part of the fun of scifi are the words. It's why I started watching Stargate SG∙1. Anyway, I did enjoy the Peacekeeper Wars and felt a little proud for immersing myself in a whole new universe in about 3 hours.
And I'm planning on flirting with some new wallpapers, including the Alfie one I added today.

posted on Saturday Oct 30 2004

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