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I saw Troy twice this weekend. Danae and I both think that the second time around is the lesser because you have time to notice the flaws. Good movie, don't get me wrong. But flawed.

Like the music... Some of it's good, the chanting and whining I actually liked and didn't find maddening. It was the big horn numbers that needed to tell us that we were watching an epic, Ten Commandments for the 21st century. Seriously, love the movie, but well aware of the cheesy grandiosity. That's what the big horn numbers do. And I know that Wolfgang Peterson is not the best director ever. So it's not surprising that some of the shots go on for too long and some are unnecessary altogether. A good editor could have probably taken 5 minutes off the movie, which isn't really about how long the movie is, it's about how well done the movie is. But Wolfgang did get great performances out of his actors, which is really what makes the movie what it is.
It's completely a character movie set against an epic background. And it's the characters that give the movie it's depth and complexity. I loved the change in Achilles, that was really interesting. Most everything that Achilles did was pretty interesting. I liked that Orlando really committed to making Paris a complete fop. It was painful, but it was supposed to be. It's an interesting thing to have cast Orlando as Paris. Because it's a big part in a big movie, but generally the unlikable parts are played by people like Peter Facinelli, not actors on the horizon of stardom. But I don't think anyone would believe Helen would leave anything for Peter Facinelli. We had to believe that she would love him even though he's a cad. Even though we didn't like him. But it was still risky for Orlando to take on such an unlikable character. I really liked Hector. Just such a great character. And the battle between Hector and Achilles was amazing, completely worth everyone talking about it all the time. Priam, Agamemnon, all of the characters were really deep and complex and interesting. Absolutely made the movie worth watching.

posted on Monday May 17 2004

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