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sometimes I just don't know what to say

I saw A Wrinkle in Time on Monday. Ummm...I love the book. I love the story. I think it was largely well cast (except Meg is supposed to wear glasses). And the first half was about as well done as one can expect a book-to-movie transition to be. The second half was less so. I understand the need to change details to better fit a different storytelling format. It makes sense for the Man with Red Eyes to be the voice of IT because a disembodied brain doesn't work well on screen. But I felt that some of the things that were changed were unnecessary. The chase scene when they get to Central Central Intelligence for instance. But things like that are understandable because Hollywood is always trying to action up everything. It was the sentimentality that I liked the least. Madeleine L'Engle deals with very real ideas in a very authentic way; love as something significant - not as a sentiment or a feeling. And they kind of turned her story into a Hallmark card. Which I thought was sad. Because it's really so much more powerful than that. I found an interview she did after it aired.

posted on Wednesday May 12 2004

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