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If you can't change your life, change your layout. (the black layout)

Now, I'll be the first to admit that this is not a great layout. The graphic up top is fun, has a nice moody feel to it.
It features a picture of Elijah Wood I got from Always & Forever but belongs to Viggo Mortensen. It was presumably part of the same collection of photographs he had on display at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica in February and March, presumably 2002.
But the execution of the rest of the layout is just sloppy and rather denotes a lack of originality. Unfortunately, it's up until I find time to figure out another one, or another version of this one. Which - *fair warning* - may take a while. Layouts require excruciating amounts of time for me and time is one thing I have very little of, of late. As evidenced by the lack of updates to my other sites.

posted on Sunday Jul 06 2003

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