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I saw X-men 2 and I really enjoyed it. Had a weird thing though. I was kind of shocked or disappointed or something at first. For some psychotic reason I thought I was going to see Lord of the Rings or something and then X-men came on and for a bit I was shocked that it wasn't what I expected it to be except I don't know what I expected. So when I could put aside that weirdness I decided that I really did enjoy it. It was funny and the action was pretty good and the characters are really good. And I'm deciding that as different stories are converted to film you can mess with the plot or the facts as long as you stay true to the story and the characters. That's why The Two Towers was so disappointing. I'd have overlooked plot discrepancies pretty easily. But the total misrepresentation of Faramir and Tree Beard and Elrond, I still haven't gotten over that. Which sucks. But this is about X-men and they were true enough to the characters for me and that probably was my favorite part of the movie anyway.

Then I watched Matrix: Reloaded yesterday morning. It was definitely not as flawless as the first. One of the exceptional parts of the original Matrix was the rhythm and the pacing of the movie. The music and the action blended so well together and I didn't realize it back then but it had a nice balance of talking/action/talking/action. So it was never sedate for too long and the action scenes never really seemed to drag on. Plus it said a lot without really having to just sit down and say it. Which are the two major flaws in the this one. As they're trying to say something, it seems like the only way they know how to do it is to sit down and say it. And a few of the actions scenes, even though they changed and evolved weren't necessarily a little long but were contrasted so strongly by the sitting and talking. The pacing needed to be much more balanced. And I would have liked it if they could have said what they wanted to say without having to rely on the diatribe of the characters. They needed to be a little more creative in the story-telling. But I also think that's really hard and not a lot of people do it well, so normally I wouldn't expect that. Except they did it so well the first time, you think they must be capable of it. And then you just kind of wonder what went wrong. And there were definitely 2 scenes that I could have done without. Maybe they helped move the story further or draw us into the reality that existed at this time as opposed to last time, but I didn't need to see what I saw.

posted on Friday May 16 2003

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