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I watched Alias last night. It's ok, not desperately impressive. I was shocked by 2 things. Both of them involved people being shot. The thing with that show is that it's interesting, Jennifer Garner is good and Michael Vartan is highly excellent. But the story isn't spectacular. There is definitely something missing in the writing/story department. Which makes it all the more interesting why in the world I enjoy watching it so much. Maybe like a lot of action genre stuff - good action and half way decent characters excuse mediocre stories.

Oh, and I watched the Prince William thing. It was interesting because I've never been that interested in the British Royals, but I really liked it. My sister said that Prince William actually was strongly against it, I don't know if this is the reason - but I can see as a Royal that it would be a bit distasteful to have a movie made of a period of your life. But I thought it portrayed Prince Charles very flatteringly. He was a very loving, giving father who really stood beside his sons and worked for their best interest. And William was portrayed well as a boy on the verge of becoming a man and it was interesting some of the things they proposed he had to deal with that I'd never considered. Like receiving the media attention he does in light of his mother's death and the plethora of emotions that would come with that.

This is the original layout of this site. It features a picture of Elijah Wood I got from the now defunct [frodoandsam.net] but belongs to Viggo Mortensen. It was part of a collection of photographs he had on display at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica in February and March, presumably 2002. The splash graphic (that I don't have anymore) was Viggo Mortensen's caption for the picture of Elijah Wood in the layout.

posted on Monday Sep 30 2002

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