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entries from 2007 (1)

Sun Jan 14 07days gone by (the Supernatural layout)

entries from 2006 (7)

Thu Sep 07 06redux (the Pirates layout .again.)
Tue Jul 25 06new news
Wed Jun 14 06ahoy! (the Pirates 2 layout)
Tue Jun 13 06isolation and opinion
Thu Jun 01 06the grey side of life
Thu Apr 13 06the entrance of spring (the X-men layout)
Wed Feb 01 06restlessness in a virtual reality

entries from 2005 (10)

Thu Dec 08 05Sark returns
Thu Nov 24 05the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (the Narnia layout)
Mon Nov 07 05not so much a blog as a blurb
Thu Oct 20 05... big love...
Sun Aug 14 05a new day...(the Serenity layout)
Tue Jun 21 05the solstice phenomenon
Thu Jun 09 05doing something (the blue summer layout)
Wed May 11 05re - emergance
Sun Apr 24 05- in search of a layout - (the Kingdom of Heaven layout)
Sat Jan 29 05Latent diatribe on Alias...

entries from 2004 (9)

Sat Oct 30 04actual changes (the Dom layout)
Tue Oct 26 04Lost
Fri Jun 25 04... (the Viggo summer layout)
Sat May 29 04the beginning of wallpaper
Fri May 28 04quote distraction
Mon May 17 04finally the layout becomes a movie
Wed May 12 04sometimes I just don't know what to say
Thu Apr 29 04hey it's may (the Troy layout)
Sat Jan 10 04the reality of inadequacy

entries from 2003 (8)

Thu Nov 20 03rearranging change
Thu Aug 28 03I do still exist
Sun Jul 06 03If you can't change your life, change your layout. (the black layout)
Fri May 16 03Stepping out of the land of drudgery...
Thu Apr 17 03another movie
Sat Apr 12 03These updates are so boring.
Tue Mar 18 03Or something like that.
Thu Jan 09 03I've been away for a while.

entries from 2002 (7)

Tue Nov 12 02The beauty of tragedy...
Thu Nov 07 02the third season of 24
Sun Nov 03 02Project Christmas
Wed Oct 30 02the West Wing?
Fri Oct 25 02Everwood update and other ramblings
Tue Oct 08 02On to happier matters,
Mon Sep 30 02The continuity of boring stuff...