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days gone by (the Supernatural layout)

Life is busy. It keeps me distracted and happy and well, working a lot. So, I decided to scale down my web presence some. I spent two days just cleaning out old things, eliminating unnecessaries, slimming down. Of course that meant I needed a new simpler layout and I was a bit tired of the last one. I wanted to go back to Viggo's photos that I started with, but I didn't have anymore that I wanted to use. So, as usual I went with my latest fandom fun - Supernatural.

If you want to know where I journal, because that's where anything interesting actually happens, just .

posted on Sunday Jan 14 2007

redux (the Pirates layout .again.)

I hadn't meant to do another pirates layout. really. I had a nice brown fall-y 4400 layout all ready to go. But I didn't design it until after the season 3 finale, so it felt less than topical. Of course Pirates is now 2.5 months old so it's less than topical also.
But then I saw this picture and it was so simple, I didn't modify it at all, it was just like this, asking for content to ever so subtely fill all that white space. Suddenly I wasn't as inspired by any of my other ideas as much as I liked the idea of this one.
So here it is, for now at least.

Beyond that, I've got not a lot new going on. Most of my misellaneous web-fun time is spent getting articles and things up at Magnate. And there isn't a lot of that time to begin with.

posted on Thursday Sep 07 2006

new news

I uploaded a new Stargate wallpaper for the beginning season 10.
I think I'm going to 'recreate' most of my Stargate wallpapers because they're from when I was just first starting to do wallpapers and they aren't very good.

posted on Tuesday Jul 25 2006

ahoy! (the Pirates 2 layout)

Did you know that for the past 3 years I have changed my layout every April and then again every June. I think consistency like that is kind of strange when it's unintentional. But it also makes sense. One for the May movie of the year and one for the summer.

This is pretty much what I wanted for a Pirates 2 layout for the summer. Green (because of the poster color) and a little bit ethereal, but just a little bit. I think if I did more layouts more often or did more wallpapers more often or actually had PhotoShop I'd come up with better layouts. But this isn't bad.
I went over to a friend's house last night and learned that my layout is quite 1024x768 specific. I relented and created a splash page - the first since the very first layout I had - so that everything should display correctly for everyone. I hope. oh, and I took down my 'currently' for this layout - mostly because I couldn't find a nice way to fit it in and didn't want to work that hard at it.

posted on Wednesday Jun 14 2006

isolation and opinion

So, no one I know here watches the 4400.
But the season 3 premiere was this past weekend and it was pretty good. Here's what surprised me the most: I liked Isabelle, and I liked Isabelle and Shawn. As an infant Isabelle was so malicious and ruthless and vindictive. I expected her to grow up and be that so I expected not to like her. But right now she's sweet and innocent in a way that isn't cloying. It's actually endearing. Megalyn Echikunwoke handles the role with subtlety and grace that keeps it from being contrived. And so she and Shawn are just so sweet.

posted on Tuesday Jun 13 2006